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Boarding Services - Dogs were made to play so... LET THEM PLAY

Our modern pet facility located a few minutes from Orleans boasts over 3,000 square feet dedicated to fun and comfort! With large play yards, great dog to staff ratios and the best staff in the business, our goal is to ensure your dog is going to have an absolute blast while in our care!
Dog Playcare
  • Our dog daycare is ideal for your dog needs care and attention while you're at work. Dogs of all ages are welcomed
  • Your dog will have access to indoor and outdoor play areas for exercise with his friends
  • Scheduled Play and Nap times for a well balanced day
  • daycare full day: 20$

In addition to caring for your canine friend, RedDog Playcare also offers several other services; including a convenient pet pickup and drop off service from your home for all of your dog’s transportation needs.
  • Transporting to Daycare or Boarding We know that sometimes dog parents are not able to arrange pet drop-offs or pick-ups, so we offer this service for all dogs that are enrolled in daycare or boarding with us.
  • Transportation for Dog Grooming – When it’s that time for your dog to get his or her well needed grooming, we can pick up and drop off your dog to the spa. Once the grooming services are completed, we can drop off your dog at home or any other place within our service zone.
  • Mobile daycare service for not so active dogs: if your dog doesn’t require 4 hours of playcare and prefer staying home, we can stop by to take him for a mid-day walk. Walks are 15 min.

Dog Boarding
  • No matter how far you travel, you can rest assured that your best friend is having their own vacation with us
  • We treat each animal in our care as if they were our own, with love, affection, attention and the utmost regard for their comfort and well being.
  • Our price include a minimum of 6 daily outings to exterior play areas, luxury suites for privacy, indoor play areas to socialize
  • Your companion can also receive a spa like experience with a nice bath before going home (18$)
  • boarding: 30$

All prices are subject to HST
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