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Powe family and their 6 dogs from Red Dog Stable

Hello Sophie, We hope you are having a Merry Christmas! I've decided it's not fair that everyone else has two and I only have one, so if you could put me on the list for a sheepadoodle that would be great :) Enjoy the holidays!
The doodle family (Nickole, Ryan, Geddi and Bowser), (Denise, Darroll, Molsen, and Maple), (Colleen, Bonnie, Brad, Maverick and Gus)
Thanks for all the fun we have with our babies!

Abbi, Evan and Corduroy

Thank you, Sophie for the most wonderful puppy ever! Corduroy has been such a great addition to our little family! We couldn't have asked for a better 'best friend'. He is always up for hiking or snow walks with us and loves to snuggle in on the couch too! He's perfect!
Abbi & Evan.

Dave and Maddie

Maddie is doing very well and while she is not nearly the size of her brother Rufus seems to have a lot of similar traits. She is quite tall at around 26" at the shoulder and weighs just over 50lbs. We see no evidence of her appetite slowing down and she is always ready for dinner and some treats. She isn't fussy either and will eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.
We are lucky enough to back on to a dog park that is over 100 acres, filled with open spaces, trails, creeks and ponds. She loves going there and has some regular friends she will run and play with. We make it over once before work and again at the end of the day so she gets lots of exercise. Maddie is pretty good on the leash, but definitely prefers to be off and is great about following us and coming when we call. She also loves the cottage and likes the water as well. She is great with other dogs and like you said, seems to adjust her ways depending on the dog and what he/she is like. She is amazing with people and befriends everyone - adults and children. Like Rufus, she loves affection and regularly will curl up beside us on the couch and can never get enough belly and chin rubs.
We're glad to report her obsession with socks seems to be over. Prior to 5 months old she swallowed one on four different occasions. Luckily she threw it up each time. Her latest chew toys are any kind of stick she can find and seems to bring one home after most trips to the park.
We can't say enough about how good of a dog she is and has been a great addition to our family. .
Abbi & Evan.

Ginger and Miller

Dear Sophie, We are so happy with our F1 standard Goldendoodles Ginger & Miller. After all the time and happiness you have given us we thought we would take some time to share our Red Dog Stable experience with you. We were first drawn to your website which was informative and easy to navigate. Your photos and music choices are special touches that show off your talent and your dogs. The substance behind that though is what kept our interest. Upon contact you were personable and caring. This was important to us as we were very nervous from a recent traumatic experience where a rescue dog we adopted bit our baby's face. After talking with you, meeting you and joining your Facebook group our worries started to fade away and we were ready to learn to trust dogs again.
Your facility was clean and tidy and spacious for your dogs which impressed us. We appreciated your willingness to let us book a visit with no pressure. This is key because never once did we feel that it was just about money. You showed care for your dogs and puppies by making sure our family was healthy before a visit, and when we had our visit but the puppies were all sleeping you let us peek but didn't disturb them. As a mom & neonatal nurse I can really appreciate this.

Purchasing a dog can be a very confusing world. With fancy dog stores, veterinarians, rescue groups, television, books, and the internet there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Very similar to a first time parent, preparing to bring a puppy home made us want to do everything right. You helped us fiter through the confusion by answering all our questions, standing by and explaining your methods. We appreciated the knowledge you shared, the weekly updates, photos, you tubes videos, and visits. Collectively they allowed us to get excited for and feel like we were getting to know the puppy you helped us choose for our family. It was also a really fun learning experience for our children to see our puppy develop over those first 8 weeks!

What we really love is the Red Dog Stable Facebook group you have created. When you send a family home they are not just leaving with a puppy. Their is a community of very happy Red Dog Stable dog owners waiting to share in your excitement, answer questions, and plan RDS romps with you. This alone despite all the other positives mentioned speaks volumes about what it means to get a RDS puppy. In fact we were so pleased with Ginger that when a unique circumstance made her half brother Miller available for adoption 6 weeks later we brought him home too! Now we can not imagine life without them.
All good things,
Melanie, Scott, Noah, Lily & Liam
Ginger & Miller

Sara and Millie

Hi Sophie!! Wow, has it been a year already? We can't thank you, (Fibi and Dylan) enough for giving us Millie. I have to admit that I love having my little shadow follow me around the house all day not letting me out of her sight. She has been so much fun, and my husband being a first time dog owner says he will never own any dog but a doodle. We loved being able to watch her grow through photos and videos the first 8 weeks of her life. You were so helpful through this process, and it was so nice to see that you still cared about your pups once you let them go. You continually provided support and advice with any questions we had even after we brought her home. If I can convince my husband to get a second dog, we wouldn't consider anywhere but Red Dog Stable :)

Lindsay and Ruby

We are so happy with our decision to choose Sophie as the breeder for our puppy. Sophie is personable, professional and is very knowledgeable in breeding goldendoodles. We loved Sophie's weekly updates of the puppies with pictures and videos! Ruby (yellow- Eva and Dylan's litter 2012) has filled our life with so much joy. Thanks again Sophie!
Hope all is well with you! Looking forward to seeing your new website. I have a million other pictures if you want anymore of Ruby. Take care,

Liz and Rufus

It will be great to see what the sheepadoodle pups look like with the Parti male influence. We adore Rufus. He is a very gentle dog and quite affectionate. Feel free to use my name as a reference for anyone interested in a sheepadoodle.

Emilie, Antonin et Muscade

Salut Sophie! Muscade (ou "Black" de la portée de mars 2010 de Dakota) a maintenant déjà 6 mois 1/2 (et pèse déjà un peu plus de 35 lbs) et j ai pensé qu il serait temps d envoyer une mise à jour sur notre belle et bonne chienne! Elle s est très bien adaptée chez-nous (elle n a pleuré que durant 5 minutes les 2 premiers soirs!) et on a découvert très tôt que c était une grosse colleuse, ce que nous adorons! On peut la prendre de toutes les façons et elle se laisse faire (ce qui sera très utile avec des enfants plus tard)! Elle est très sociable (avec les humains et les autres animaux) et a très bon caractère (not a mean bone in her)! Elle ne perd pas son poil, ce qui est très apprécié de mon mari, habituellement allergique aux chiens, mais pas à notre Muscade! :) Bref, on est TRÈS content d'avoir Muscade dans notre vie! Merci beaucoup!!!!!!! Elle nous apporte tellement de joie et d'amour! On la recommande comme chien à tous et on passe votre nom comme éleveur aussi! Émilie, Antonin et Muscade

Alisha and Piper

I would love to exhange photo and info on our new pupp Piper(Polkadot). She was the last puppy out of the gang to find a home and I can t tell you how lucky we are to have her in our life. She has been just amazing since we brought her home and everyone I see is just in awww of her and her looks. The comment I get all the time is.............is she real?? She looks like a teddy bear! Thank you sophia for such a great puppy!! Not sure of her current weight but Im pretty sure she has doubled in size already!!! Talk soon. Thanks for the email. :)Smile

Alain, Leah and Bailey

Thought I would share this with you all,I train Bailey for 10-15 min. ever morning.I use little treats or her dog kibble to help me out with some of her training.This morning Leah decided that she wanted to help with the training.She got herself a little bowl,threw some dog kibble in it and began asking Bailey to sit,stay,come,paw,down....... it was a wonderful sight to see.What was even better was Bailey never missed a beat,she hit every command like a pro......that s my girls!! Hope all is well Alain