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How to Adopt a Puppy

All Of Our Puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks

During their stay with us, all the puppies are assessed daily. We monitor their progress closely and take note of their qualities in order to identify their personalities. When the puppies are 6-7 weeks old, we perform a temperament test, the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. Based on the results, we have a good sense of which one of the two puppies you previously selected will best suit your family situation.

All Of Our Puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks of age so that we can most closely match you with the puppy that you desire. We temperament test each puppy and then we tell you from the two puppies that you chose which one is the best one for you based on the Temperament test. We use the Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Test . The final decision is always based on the best temperament match. Most of the time our puppies are very similar looking, with very similar temperaments.

We spend lots of time with our babies and we get to know them in a very personal way; we have found that it is best for us to choose the puppy. We will definitely include you in this process as well . We have done this for most all of our families.